Hey there, gorgeous!

40-somethings are fabulous. Period.

My 40s snuck up on me. One day I was 39; the next, I was sitting in a hotel room in London, post-birthday, raising a glass to the fact that I didn’t fit the 40-something mold.

Of course I eventually found it difficult to find fashion blogs and magazines that celebrated 40-somethings as intelligent, chic, modern, altruistic beings who preferred skinnies over slacks; stilettos over comfortable wedges; Fashion Week over a weekend parked on the couch binging Hallmark movies.

And then it hit me: our 40s shouldn’t be dictated by people who think we should age gracefully or nip and tuck our way to retirement. It should be dictated by strong, confident women who want nothing more than to celebrate the life they’ve earned.

Welcome to the world of Le Snobbery.

Here, 40-somethings are celebrated for their wisdom, beauty (and killer style), and passion for life, love, and fashion. And we do this with 500-words-or-less musings, because, honestly, who has the time?

Anyway, darling… I’m glad you’re here. Enjoy the fabulous ride.

Original photo by Christian Gertenbach.