Now is the perfect time to (re)explore fashion.

A few months ago, I was all over fashion magazines. Vogue UK, Elle, Glamour…stacks littered every room in my home, ready to be inhaled, cover to cover.

Now, well into a year of soul-crushing lockdowns that have seen us do little more than stuff ourselves into sweatpants and discreetly drink our way through Zoom meetings, studying glossy pages filled with supermodels and the latest must-have skincare products seems like a distant, somewhat pointless memory.

As the pandemic wore on, I grew tired of the constant scrolling.

When bookstores closed due to the pandemic, I was no longer able to access my favourite glossies. Eventually, fatigue set in, my priorities shifted, and I put the magazines away with a weary sigh and a glass of wine. Lagging, overburdened delivery systems rendered ordering magazines online useless; I reluctantly switched to the digital versions of my favourite magazines (after all, there’s something about the feel of paper between your fingers), and carefully curated a list of beauty websites, lifestyle blogs, and wellness podcasts to fill the analogue void digital consumption brought about.

As the pandemic wore on, though, I grew tired of the constant scrolling. I cared less about whether red was the new “it” colour; after all, my lips were destined to spend the foreseeable future behind a mask. Would we teeter about in 4-inch stilettos this fall? Who knew? Who cared? The sturdy-heeled boots I bought for weekend hikes were a sound purchase, stylish or not.

Staying on trend seemed pointless.

This, I thought, is the perfect time to revisit style.

As months wore on, tone deaf articles gave way to articles that made sense: fashion in the time of Covid-19 saw fashion editors schill luxe loungewear and posh slippers – all perfect for working from home. The high gloss fashion editorials I once used to guide my sartorial decisions gave way to high-low editorials focused on face masks and tips to help stave off “maskne”. Beauty articles taught me that eye makeup would help me smize my way through trips to the grocer and countless Zoom meetings; I responded by stocking my cabinet with eyeliner, mascara, and eyebrow serums.

I applaud those who visit the grocer wearing a full face of makeup and the latest Louboutins.

I applaud those who visit the grocer wearing a full face of makeup and the latest Louboutins just as much as I applaud the fashionista who shows up to her Zoom meeting bare-faced adorned in sweats. Without the aid of going to a store and trying on every midi skirt and high-wasted trouser that caught my eye, I, along with countless others, was moved to explore fashion online. It was a welcome change. The idea of exploring old fashion habits, revisiting the days when I created my own trends, and finding new influences (and influencers) was freeing.

We know we don’t need to wear a suit to do our jobs effectively.

When we return to the malls and boutiques, I hope we’ll be faced with the pleasant surprise of loungewear mixed with work essentials. We know we don’t need to wear a suit to do our jobs effectively; I don’t anticipate HR departments allowing us to wear ripped jeans and runners to work, but I hope our newfound fashion sensibilities will prevail when we refocus and rebuild our closets for a post-pandemic world.

Let every hair flip be fabulous.


Le Snobbery

original photo by mjps || manipulation by le snobbery