So…what’s next?

We’re all in this together.

We’ve been hearing those words a lot lately, as the COVID-19 virus spreads across the globe and forces everyone into isolation.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and we’ve been asked to make sacrifices that we never thought we’d have to make.

Some of us have been laid off from jobs we’ve held for years; others have been called to the frontlines in the fight to stop the spread. Some of us are struggling with anxiety that comes with waking up to uncertainty.

Life as we know it may never be the same.

Last week, I was laid off from a job I’ve held for nearly seven years. I understood my boss’ reaction to the pandemic; his situation as a business owner had changed and he needed to be proactive. I joined the masses who had been cc’d on corporate emails that mentioned “desperate times” and used blow-softening words like “temporary”. Still, it hurt. Over the years I’d immersed myself in my job, and now I was being asked to, well, stop.

After I called my friends for support, I checked my bank account to determine how long I had before I’d need to tap into my savings.

As an eternal optimist, the next thing I did was try to find the bright side. What if I don’t end up rehired? What then? What would I even do with my life? A week later, those questions continue to weigh on me, as I’m sure similar questions are weighing on the minds of countless people around the world who suddenly find themselves in this predicament.

One question, though, has managed to scream the loudest: what if I’m more than my job?

It’s hard to hear much less think about the future when you’re in the throws of uncertainty, but this might be the time to look to the future in ways you never imagined. The last time I was in the throws of uncertainty I launched a fashion week that invited consumers to support local designers. Now? Who knows? While the fear of unemployment is very, very real, the thought that this may be the start of a new chapter in life is softening the blow.

We know that nothing in life is promised, least of all a steady paycheque, and as each day passes we may find ourselves motivated to think about an alternative to going back to work. This new reality might be the kick in the pants we need to get creative, get off the couch and out of our pajamas, and start planning our new futures.

In the coming weeks, we will be introduced to a new wave of entrepreneurs by way of delivery services, clothing brands (started by designers who will spend their days sewing masks to make up for the shortage), distillers and brewers who will spend their days perfecting recipes… It’s inspiring, really, to think that there’s an alternative to spending our days watching Tik Tok videos and makeup tutorials.

We can all admit that these are uncertain times. Now is the time to remember that uncertainty can bring out the best in us, if we let it.

Let every hair flip be fabulous.


Le Snobbery

original photo by Andrea Piacquadio || manipulation by le snobbery